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Sign the petition. Watch the video (a very handsome dude appears at the 1:03 mark). Join the mailing list. More info will be headed your way soon!



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January 11th was the first day of Georgia’s 2016 legislative session. Kudos to KP, an Atlanta beer guru, who has put together a website to help everyone keep up with what is happening during the session. Below is an informational email KP sent earlier this week. Please follow and like this and keep up with the goings on. We will need your support soon.

Cheers, John


Good morning!

Today is the first day of the legislation session. In commemoration of this grand and glorious event, I’m launching a new website and social media campaign as a grassroots political movement to modernize the beer laws in Georgia.

I need your help.
Visit the website – http://GABeerLaws.com
Share the website on Facebook – use share button on home page
Like us on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/GABeerLaws/
Follow us on Twitter – https://twitter.com/GABeerLaws
There will be calls to action during the legislative process.
Posts will go out to Facebook and Twitter when it is time to take action.
I will update the news section as stories are published and share these on Facebook.
The website still needs work. Look for updates every few days. Near the top of my list is to add the ability for public comments about the legislators and your personal experiences when interacting with them.
I am open to all ideas and suggestions for the website and this campaign in general. 
This is a community effort. We can effect real change by working together and getting our collective voices heard.
But first we have to build that community, so please spread the word!
Political Activist


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