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Bubble? What bubble?

More and more new breweries are opening every day. And for each one that opens there is another doom-and-gloom prediction about the craft beer industry. Are there too many breweries? Are the consumers who prefer more flavorful beer suddenly going away? Is the bubble about to burst?

I’m a huge believer in this industry and I believe we are here to stay for a very long time. But I’ve never been able to back that up with hard facts and figures. It has just been from my experience and from speaking with others involved in this industry. So call it my gut feeling. (Should I say my beer belly feeling?)

In June the Brewers Association hired Bart Watson, a political economist with a PhD from Cal-Berkely. Impressed? I was. Bart has done lots of research since he joined the BA and we now have the facts and figures to back up my beer belly positive feeling on the craft beer industry. It’s well written and not at all BORING┬álike you would expect from an economist. (Sorry Bart.) (more…)


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