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Spike and I are asked constantly about the history of starting Terrapin.  We always reply with how we met in 1997 while working together at another brewery in GA,  and decided we could make more aggressive and experimental beers than what was available at the time in the SE. We talk about spending 3 years trying to raise investment capital and getting nowhere due to the late 90’s craft beer shakeout, the dotcom boom (then bust) and finally September 11. We finally got desperate enough to pull out the credit cards and go for it. 162 barrels in year 1, over 800 barrels in year 2, our first paycheck in year 5 (!) and we have never looked back.

But there is more to the story. And that can be found in three or our ten company values. Those are RESPECT OTHERS, PROVIDE A GREAT WORK ENVIRONMENT, and HAVE FUN! Where did those come from? (more…)


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