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October Beer Travels

Craft beer is full of great breweries, awesome retail partners, amazing people and most of all, phenomenal beers. In only the month of October I was privileged to attend Terrapin’s Hop Harvest, GABF, Atlanta Beer Week and GA/FL Football. Each of these events easily deserves a blog of its own, but for today I will stick with the two G’s – GABF and GA/FL.

The travelin’ beer man!

The Great American Beer Festival is held in late September/early October of each year in Denver, Colorado. It was a real sight as costumed beer geeks (I found Waldo!) mingled with retailers, distributors, brewery workers, and plain old beer lovers in search of something new to try. Beer was easy to find, but deciding which to try was not. This year, over 2,700+ beers were sampled to 49,000 people over 3 days!

The talk of the festival among brewery people was a forum post made internally by Garret Oliver of Brooklyn Brewing. It was so “spot-on” that I am going to repeat it here in full: (more…)


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