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GABF sells out in record time!

By now, most craft beer fans know the details. 49,000 tickets were sold between an initial Members-Only offering of 90 minutes and a public sale of only 45 minutes!

According to the BA, 5 years ago tickets were still available the week of the event. By 2011, tickets sold out only seven days after they went on sale. And this year, it took less than 2 hours total to sell out all 4 sessions.

Many people have tried to blame their inability to acquire tickets on TicketMaster, or even ticket scalpers who swooped in and hoarded all the tickets. Sorry, but no. Although some tickets are in the hands of scalpers (I just checked stubhub and they list 467 tickets total for all four sessions), it is likely less than one to two percent of all tickets. Something bigger than scalpers is going on here. (more…)


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